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Is This Where Your Art Is…

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home…

For many of us home is the place which we all look forward to at the end of a day out at the office.

As a parent currently working from home, an environment that is conducive to your enjoyment, convenience and well being is essential.

It’s usually the environment in which we can truly be ourselves, relax and really let go of any inhibitions.

 But, it’s not just about you anymore – is it?

If you are looking for affordable and practical home decor solutions you’re probably already familiar with our sponsor, Target. We like their furnishing suggestions, so have included some here for your inspiration…

However, if you are all set on creating your own designs, then take a look here for some of the resources and tools I have used myself.

These are great places for you to start producing, and even selling your own products. Plus, if you’re looking to add more skills and knowledge to your credentials, you can learn something new too.

When it’s not just about you….

Look out for these great new ideas at Cloud Island, Target’s new & exclusive nursery brand.
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