Candle Making from the Comfort of Your Home.

Starting A Home Candle Making Business With Two Simple to Start Options.

Learn everything there is to know about candle making right from the comfort of your own home.

Candle making as a hobby has increasingly become a popular and enjoyable activity for getting a little creative, as well as a means of generating extra income. The following are 2 options to get you started with making your own candles from home.

Expert candle maker Danica White and Candle Science would love to share their passion for candle making with you. If you truly want to expand your knowledge and get a feel of what the industry is like, by all means try both of the options below

candle science inc

Option One:

Candle Science is a company based in the US, that provides one of the most comprehensive online services for pro and hobbyist candle makers alike. With full-on actionable video training that not only takes you through the process but also lists the required materials which you can conveniently add to your cart.

Candle Science is an excellent place to start, every inch of the process of candle making is covered from selecting the correct wick size, what’s in a fragrance oil, right through to candle making terms.

 If you want to work with a conscientious supplier Candle Science is highly recommended.


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Option Two:

With her digitally formated guide; Candle Making 4 You™, Danica White reveals how to make beautifully scented candles using differently shape molds, and much more. These will make excellent gifts for friends and family, as well as the potential to create a full-time income.

In this PDF guide, Danica will take you from being a complete beginner to an expert candle maker – with ease. And all without any specialized or expensive equipment.

From the very basics to the most advanced techniques, Candle Making 4 You™ will take you through, the techniques utilized by Master Candle Makers.

candle making 4 you

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