The Process of Self Publishing a Book With Amazon.

Once your manuscript is complete, edited and all, this is only the start of your journey towards publishing the final piece. Your next move is to convert that manuscript into organised and formatted ‘content,’ but how do you go about doing that?

Books on writing books huh…?

Before we go any further, depending on the type of book you have written, there may be industry standards you’d best know about. For example, writing a novel or autobiography will normally have a particular style and approach that differs, say, to a book on how to design logos or a book on writing books…

Where do I start?

Fortunately, there are many online guides, and books, on the subject. However, there’s nothing like learning as you go. And that’s exactly what most self-publishing services allow for when you use their software services. Amazon is a good place to start.

So what you really want to know now is, how to get started with Self-Publishing using Amazon. Well, that all really depends on what you want. Do you want;

Kindle Direct Publishing – for eBooks
 (earn royalties, distribute globally, publish to Kindle ecosystem)

CreateSpace – for Printed Books 
(earn royalties, distribute globally, use free tools )

ACX – for Audiobooks 
(earn royalties, distribute through iTunes, Amazon, and Audible)


What else should I know?

Well, besides relying on traffic from Amazon users, you may need to direct the attention of your potential audience with a little boost, by promoting your book through alternative means including ‘social media.’ Join the different related groups and forums for ideas and sharing resources, tips and maybe even collaboration.

Most people seem to think blogging works – Should I start a blog?

You may, like many, find blogging to be an enterprising method of both promoting your book as well as developing a ‘relationship’ with your readers. Plus you can also sell and promote other related items from your website blog.

Now, again, blogging is useful even if you do not decide to start a blog of your own. Actually approaching bloggers themselves, may be a faster and more efficient means of getting the public to know about your book.

However, an even easier, or should I say more instant, method of claiming part of the Internet for promoting your book is through creating a Facebook Page, or the equivalent on another platform.


I imagine paid advertising is the best way to spread the word – but is this true?

Fortunately, with some advertising services, you can test the waters and get some exposure for very little costs. Hopefully, from your ‘test advertising,’ you will be able to determine how likely you are to make the conversions you are after.

You will need your advertisements to be shown to a targetted audience in order to be most effective. The cost will vary depending on; how your audience responds to your ads, how much budget you are able to, or prepared to spend.

Paid advertising, providing you have the budget and the skills to hone your ads, is likely to be your best way to quickly reach a wider targetted audience than you would typically.

Your Next Step…

Q: I have a completed book already, however, I want to supply it in printed format with as litte expense as possible. What should I do next?

Q: A family member has written a book using Microsft Word. How does she now go on to formatting it into a real book for both print and electronic use?  [ NB: Try Vellum app for desktop ]


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