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Most Small Home Businesses I Asked, Said They Designed Their Logo and ‘Graphics’ Themselves. How About You?

There is one thing, most, if not all, small home businesses and individuals will find themselves having to deal with, and that is creating some form of visual communication which promotes their product or service…

Hiring a professional or talented graphic designer is the quick and simple solution if you have the budget. However, it is only too common for most of us to attempt creating our own logos and other graphic design artwork ourselves. How about you?

If you are someone that has taken the DIY route, whilst many may not see the importance of building a cohesive online presence, you obviously do. And so, here are 3 internet app services that will definitely help you produce a better visual result.


1. Instant Custom Logo Design.

Starting with TailorBrandsLogo Design Made Simple. Tailor Brands is a very simple to use and somewhat, fun way of creating a logo.

By first, entering the logo name and tagline and selecting the green design button. You are taken through a series of setup options that help shape the eventual designs.

You can always skip some of the options, however, to make optimum use of the app, you should fill out all, or as many options that are relevant to your business.

Once your logo is created, you will have access to your own Brand Profile, including unlimited storage of all your logo files, and more. 

Try TailorBrands for free.


2. All Your Designs

canva creat design

If you are looking for more than a logo design, Canva is a good, and pretty popular online app that seems to be a favorite amongst bloggers and ‘pinners’. Anyway, Canva has a wide range of templates and aids for creating all the most requested media formats you’re likely to need.

Again, this is a very simple to use app – that you can try for free. You’ll find some useful templates for your next social media, book cover or business stationary project or campaign.

Try Canvas Now


3. Pablo via Buffer

Another nifty online app can be found at Whilst ‘Pablo’ provides a very basic feature for quickly finding suitable images for posting to social media. It also provides an adequate number of templates and flexibility to compose your images with text and your logo.


As with the other mentioned web apps, you may also import your own quality images, and just use Pablo to compose the text. 

Try Pablo now



featured image: Pixabay (via Pablo.Buffer)







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