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The Form 2 – 3D Printing Ecosystem by Formlabs:


Part 1

Described As The Most Advanced Stereolithography 3D Printer For The Desktop.

On a quest to discover a 3D printer suitable for home use. Is Formlabs’ desktop printing ecosystem the answer?

Let’s start with the second generation of Formlabs’ high-resolution desktop 3D printer known as Form 2. The significant enhancements to Form 2 benchmark’ innovation towards producing a 3D desktop printer capable of outputting larger objects than previous models, as well as the introduction of smarter components, accessories, processing, and connectivity – suitable for home use or small studio…

Founded in 2012, Formlabs continues to hone the development of the 3D printing process stereolithography or SLA, for creating high-resolution physical objects from models created with 3D software.


Form 2 3D Printer costs around: $3,500
Form 2 3D Printer costs around: $3,500

Built for engineers, designers, and creators…

With one-click print,  the whole process is simplified, along with WiFi, creating custom notifications and mobile alerts. Plus, you can monitor print progress across multiple printers from a desktop, mobile or tablet device. Sounds familiar?

All in all, the progress of 3D printing technology seems to resonate closely with a similar path to desktop publishing. With Formlabs’ Form 2 being amongst the cutting-edge 3D printers that are helping to raise the industry standards for producing reliable prints, speed, and a high-quality final output.

Stereolithography does not come without its inherent difficulties.

However, by providing powerful, intuitive, and relatively affordable 3D Printing machines, Formlabs is not only establishing a new benchmark in professional desktop 3D printing. But also developing its own suite of high-performance consumables and software.

What can you expect from a Formlabs 3D Printer?

An ecosystem that provides assistance throughout the entire production process. Stereolithography or SLA does not come without its inherent difficulties, which are all mostly addressed when employing the complete Formlabs ecosystem. (Please watch the video below for a ‘sneak-peek’)

Part 2

The Formlabs Ecosystem – Form Wash and Form Cure.

Post-curing is necessary for attaining the highest possible level of stability and strength of your 3D printed object.

The post-curing part of the 3D printing process involves the use of heat and light; by focusing a beam at varying temperatures on the printed object. Whilst resin based 3D printing is highly suited for producing high-resolution objects. Without curing, 3D printed objects are susceptible to weakening and other deteriorative or undesirable defects.

Bear in mind that Stereolithography uses a toxic resin which MUST NOT be handled with your bare hands – use gloves. Likewise, you should also wear protective gloves when handling uncured printed parts.

Step in…

…Form Wash and Form Cure is a complete system for automated washing and post-curing. From hitting the print button right through to producing the final product, the idea behind Form Wash and Form Cure is to make the complete process, a smoother integrated experience.

As anyone who has used a 3D printer knows, there are many, and sometimes unforeseen, preparatory tasks needed towards refining each item you print.

Form Wash and Form Cure helps streamline the entire SLA 3D printing process by including an automated cleaning process which in turn provides more consistent results. Also, through investigation and ongoing research, the company has compiled post-cure recommendation procedures for Castable, Standard, and Tough Resins of which you can learn more here.

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